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Facility Description

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Beautiful new building in 2017 with a tall ceiling, bright lighting, and excellent temperature control. Sound is a little harsh for those with hearing aids.
Update in July 2019. The biggest thing that hits you when entering the building is the smell. At first, I thought it was dog urine, but it is everywhere throughout the building and doesn’t go away – at least in the hot and humid weather. Apparently, the odor is from runoff from area farmer’s fields. The water table is very high here, and underneath the turf floor, it’s not cement. So the water and its odor are seeping up towards the turf. There are dehumidifiers and sump pumps to try and alleviate the issue.

Crating & Potty Area

  • Crating is immediately upon entering the front door. Some are on the mat, some are on cement. Not many wall spots. Adequate but don’t overdo.
  • The dog potty area is across the parking lot. There is plenty of mown grass to potty and exercise.

Public Wi-Fi: No

Overall Cleanliness: Excellent

Defibrillator: Yes

Air Conditioning: Fully air-conditioned

Individual or Ceiling Fans: Yes

Heat: Yes

Kitchen/club provided food: During non-COVID times, each club provides food for workers. All food is very good, some is excellent, depending on the club.

Food Vendors: None but fast-food and takeout is nearby.

Room for Dogs to Run: 15 acres

Practice opportunities: Yes During non-COVID times, they often held a realistic fun-run complete with timers, “go,” and ring crew on the First Thursday of the month.