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Facility Description

Bella Vista Training Center - Lewisberry PA

At this location, dog training classes and various trials, competitions, and public events are held.  This is also where a grooming and boarding facility is located.

Crating & Potty Area

  • Crating is located in an annex room on cushioned matting.
  • Dog potty areas are in front of the arena, kennel & the annex up to the public road. No dog walking behind any building.

Public Wi-Fi: Yes

Overall Cleanliness: Excellent

Defibrillator: Unknown

Air Conditioning: Fully air-conditioned

Heat: Yes

Restrooms: Restrooms are in a building right next to the arena. There are two separate entry doors for the unisex rooms. Very clean with abundant supplies.

Kitchen/club provided food: Light snacks for workers. Workers received a $1 or $2 voucher for each class worked (depending on entries) which could be used at on-site vendors or for future trial entries. Water and soda available at extra cost on site.

Food Vendors: Call Allen’s Eatery before 10:30 am and they will deliver lunch to you. Pay by credit card over the phone, or by cash when they arrive.

Standard trial schedule: From one to four AKC trials per month in addition to other venues. For AKC trials, the training center provides secretarial services in addition to rental of facility and equipment.

Practice opportunities: Yes

  • The arena is available to rent for practice to both students and non-students
  • The temperature of the arena is set to 55 degrees in the winter. There is an upcharge if heat is desired above that during arena rental.
  • See the BVTC Arena/Annex Rental Policies and Rates on BVTC’s website for further information.