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Facility Description

[caption id=”attachment_7449″ align=”alignnone” width=”3456″]Agility Facility in Canine Sports Zone, Middleton WI Canine Sports Zone Agility Facility[/caption]

A spacious facility with a nice turf floor and room for vendors too. There’s a lot to like about this place!

Crating & Potty Area

  • Spacious crating in your choice of rooms next to the ring.
  • Green area for pottying just outside the front door and to the side of the building

Air Conditioning: Fully air-conditioned

Individual or Ceiling Fans: Yes

Heat: Yes

Restrooms: The biggest downside to this facility: The door to the ladies restroom is very close to the agility ring, so much so that opening it could distract a dog that is running. With only 2 stalls and a corner layout, it is also quite tight in there.

Kitchen/club provided food: Nice kitchen to provide worker food if the club so chooses.

Food Vendors: None on site, but fast food is close by.

Room for Dogs to Run: A mowed grassy field is across right across the street. While not owned by the facility, many handlers exercised their dogs there.

Standard trial schedule: Year round trials with a mix of venues. Also numerous seminars and workshops.