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  • The ring area felt spacious with a high ceiling
  • Lighting is on the darker side
  • There are poles 4 poles in the ring, in a large square pattern
  • 2 walls are brick, with covered windows to the outside
  • The entry side has custom-built wood fencing for the ring boundary and for the entry gates, solid and about 3 feet high
  • The other side is part cement brick, and part fencing with solid cloth covering (see viewing area below) or the white cross hatch PVC type. This side can be used to enter and/or exit the ring on occasion.
  • There is a staging area to prepare your dog before walking down a wide hallway type area to enter the ring
  • The hallway has the wood ring fencing on one side and a brick wall/large window on the other. It is over a cement floor, but mats were down to keep dogs from slipping.

Floor Description:
Turf floor with lots of pellets. Very soft, good footing.

Ring Type: Indoors
No. of Rings: 1
Size of Ring(s): 130′ x 80′

Floor Type: Turf