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Facility Description

Main Building at Champions Center Springfield OH

  • A nice facility with 6 rings all within short walking distance from each other: The indoor rings, the rings that were outdoors under cover, and the outdoor rings on dirt with no cover
  • When there is considerably heavy rain, the outdoor rings that don’t have cover can flood. When this happens, the dirt rings are moved to a grassy area that requires more walking
  • No A/C except for the eating area, restrooms, ribbon pickup/worker raffle room, and in the show office

Crating & Potty Area

  • Shaded crating space was available orĀ  could be set up by most rings
  • More permanent crating could be obtained by renting a stall in the main building for $70 for the trial
  • No air conditioning meant for some pretty warm conditions at this trial, when it was hot and very humid
  • Those with air conditioned RV’s had the most comfort, although without golf cart, it was more of a walk

Air Conditioning: No

Individual or Ceiling Fans: Yes

Restrooms: Clean and located just off the restaurant area. Restrooms were also accessible through an outside door.

Food Vendors: A food vendor for breakfast and lunch, and also a bakery vendor are located in an air conditioned cafeteria area in the main building. A bar is also available. There are large round tables as well . . great to catch a bite and cool down.

Standard trial schedule: The only trial that is currently being held here is the one for CPE Nationals, which was held in 2018 and will be held here again in 2020. It is still an approved location for AKC trials, but the clubs using it moved to air conditioned facilities.