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Rings have white fencing a few feet high, and were closed on both ends whenever a dog was running. Spectators and dogs got very close to the fence, especially when trying to stay in the shade. No columns but a few trees!

Floor Description:
Mowed and raked grass, the color and moisture depending on the rain Michigan had that year. While flat, one of the rings had some especially hard mounds of dirt.

Ring Type: Outdoors
No. of Rings: 2
Size of Ring(s): 100 x 100 each

Floor Type: Grass


Viewing Area

Viewing areas with shade are in high demand, but everyone creates or finds the cool spots.

Noise/Distractions During Trial:

The speed limit on the close road is 55 mph, producing road noise. There were also tractors, farm and industrial equipment driving by, which were loud at times.


Equipment was in very good condition. The colors were green and white — Michigan State fans for sure.

Equipment Ownership: Facility