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Facility Description

front of tnt building, view from road

Crating & Potty Area

Crating is very good. On a full trial, the main floor directly in front of the ring fills up. There is crating upstairs in the mezzanine, or a flat and convenient trip to the parking area for crating from a vehicle.The facility allows crate set-up on Thursday evening after classes are done–around 9 pm.

There are plenty of places to potty your dogs. Bags and buckets are available. There are also two large, chain linked areas which can be used if your dog prefers an off leash environment.

Public Wi-Fi: Yes – Wi-Fi is available but limited. On a trial day it is difficult to get a connection, especially during the busiest times. Ask for the password. NOTE: They were installing cable Internet when I was there in May, 2017.

Overall Cleanliness: Excellent

Defibrillator: Yes

Air Conditioning: Fully air-conditioned

Individual or Ceiling Fans: No

Heat: Yes

Restrooms: Clean. Six stalls for women, three for men. Facility supplies were adequately refreshed as needed. Extras included hand lotion and air freshener.

Kitchen/club provided food: TNT has a staff dedicated to preparing food for agility trials in a fully equipped kitchen. Both breakfast and lunch are available. All is free for volunteers, and there’s a donation jug for others. They offer a wide assortment of both cold and hot dishes. They also work hard to make sure there are some food choices for vegetarians and those with food allergies. Let them know!

Room for Dogs to Run: Two fenced in areas on site, noted above in dog potty area. Also see Nearby tab for trails, beaches, and off leash areas.

Standard trial schedule: Year round agility trials are held from one to four weekends each month. October is the busiest month. The majority are AKC.

Practice opportunities: Yes Floor time available. See TNT’s Turf page for rules and cost. Occasional fun runs.