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Extremely well designed agility ring:

  • Solid walls on 3 sides, gating front entry side.
  • Walls are painted red on the lower part. The color contrast between the wall and weave poles or jumps makes them easier for some dogs to see.
  • Swing gates on ring are always shut when the dog is running.
  • Nice bright lighting.

Floor Description:
The high-end soccer turf provides excellent footing and cushioning for both dog and handler. Turf is well-maintained to keep it from flattening.

Ring Type: Indoors
No. of Rings: 1
Size of Ring(s): 100 x 100

Floor Type: Turf

Viewing Area

Chairs can be set up in front of the ring on the gating side. Standing or tall chairs can be set up on the mezzanine upstairs for overhead videos or viewing.

Noise/Distractions During Trial:

It’s a very popular place! Some people bring multiple dogs that get very excited and bark a lot when one of their pack is competing.


All new in 2012 from both Max 200 and Marks Agility

Equipment Ownership: Facility