Bloomsburg Fairgrounds > Ring


The ring is closed on three sides with solid walls, except for the entries through the large doors. Those were fenced off for the trial.

The front of the ring has orange fencing with swing gates.  There were no chairs set up immediately in front of the ring as is usual for most trials, so handlers and dogs did use that area as a walkway between the ring and their crates.

Floor Description:
The agility floor is nicely packed dirt that contained the perfect amount of moisture. It was neither dusty nor did it pack up after 4-days of trialing. It was “clean” of foreign materials or animal feces and there was no noticeable odor.

Ring Type: Indoors
No. of Rings: 1
Size of Ring(s): 90′ x 100′

Floor Type: Dirt

Viewing Area

The public can enter the building on either side to access bleacher seating.


All equipment for trials in this location is provided by Max 200 and is for sale after the trial at a 10% discount.

Equipment Ownership: Rented