Dogagilitytrials.com is a resource for most anyone involved in dog agility: competitors, vendors, judges, and area businesses around trial locations.  At this time, it primarily covers AKC trial locations, with some CPE trial spots.


Use the Site Directory feature off the home page to find agility trials in a preferred state. Then click on the location to find out what it’s like before you go:


  • Crating situation
  • Floor type
  • Ring setup / equipment
  • Overnight camping
  • Food, restrooms, potty areas and more!

Use the Search feature to find agility locations that have features you prefer:

  • Trial locations in your selected state(s) that have a:
    • Turf floor
    • Allow RV Parking
    • and more!

And …

  • Find premiums more easily
  • Find the best restaurants, hotels, and dog friendly fun in the area
  • Comment on the blog about your own experiences


  • Less frustration in finding the location and knowing what you’re in for
  • Easier planning when you travel
  • More enjoyment at businesses and hotels in the area
  • Motivation for agility locations and businesses they support to improve their facilities and what they offer

How it began and how you can help

The idea of finding out about agility trial locations before one goes was developed by Beverly Mapes, who started competing in 2013. While Bev travels throughout the U.S. to blog and document trial locations, overnight places, restaurants, and more, the real value of this site will be realized when you comment on your experiences at these places.

Comments can be made in the following places:

  • At the bottom of a blog post
  • On the “Nearby” tab for a location

When you are planning to stay at a hotel or eat at a restaurant near your next agility trial, wouldn’t it be nice of other agility folks that stayed or ate there had comments for you to read and decide if you want to go there?