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agility ring at oriole-dtc-halethorpe-md

  • This is a beautiful space to trial with excellent lighting
  • There are 3 poles in the left third of the ring, evenly spaced and in a straight line
  • Sides are as follows:
    • Right side – solid wall
    • Back – PVC/fabric panels
    • Left side – low, expandable wood gating (crating allowed on the other side for quiet dogs)
    • Front – low, expandable wood gating; entry gates

Floor Description:

  • The Sprint turf was new in 2014 or later. It is well maintained and dogs get good traction without slipping

Ring Type: Indoors
No. of Rings: 1
Size of Ring(s): 90 x 100

Floor Type: Turf (Sprinturf)

Viewing Area

There is room for a single row of chairs for viewing along the front (entry and exit sides) of the ring. There’s also a small window in one of the crating rooms to look through.


Equipment made by MAD Agility and Clip N Go

Equipment Ownership: Club