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Facility Description

  • The event center houses an agility ring with  19 dorm rooms and 4 restrooms on the outside of the ring area. In back of the center there is  crating space, a full kitchen with concessions, and more restrooms.
  • In addition to agility trials, the center is used for:
    • summer vacation camps with your dog
    • dog training
    • obedience, herding, scentwork , tracking and conformation events
    • seminars
    • agility fun runs
    • Christmas parties … and more!

Crating & Potty Area

Plenty of room for crating, either on mat or on dirt. There are three outdoor fenced exercise areas, the largest a good  40 yards long. Dogs can also run off leash during non-trial hours assuming they have a decent recall and do not bother farm animals grazing nearby.

Public Wi-Fi: No

Overall Cleanliness: Very good

Defibrillator: No

Air Conditioning: No

Individual or Ceiling Fans: No

Heat: Unknown

Restrooms: Main restrooms near the front wall of the agility ring. Additional restrooms are on each side of the long building near the lodging rooms.

Kitchen/club provided food: Mostly home made concessions available. Workers receive tickets to apply towards purchase.

Food Vendors: On site concessions / kitchen mentioned above

Room for Dogs to Run: Plenty. Noted above

Standard trial schedule: Mostly NADAC with one AKC 4-day Labor Day cluster

Practice opportunities: Yes Fun runs as noted on Yellowstone Dog Sports events page.