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Ring has walls on three sides. The back wall has a large door that was opened during part of the trial to help keep the temperature cooler. Low, solid fences were in front of the door during runs.

Floor Description:
Floor is nice soccer turf and quite soft and padded underneath. The turf has rubber infill, and was laid down over packed gravel called “fines.”

It has some clumps of sand buildup below but is not too bad. As a result, the stay table was unsteady at times and had to be checked periodically as dogs sometimes moved it a little, making it wobbly for the next person.

Ring Type: Indoors
No. of Rings: 1
Size of Ring(s): 100 x 120

Floor Type: Turf (Soccer turf with rubber infill)

Viewing Area

Aluminum single benches are directly in front of the ring, followed by an aisle and then an area for chairs that participants bring.


Equipment is in good condition. The older style, metal jumps were in use but all new equipment has been purchased for new AKC regulations beginning in 2018. The new equipment is not yet fitted for the trailer in which it is stored, and thus could not be used for the 2017 trial in September.

Equipment Ownership: Facility