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TNT Dog Center

7405 W Wackerly Rd
Midland, MI 48642

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Traveling via I-75: Take US-10 west to the Stark Road exit (119); turn right onto Stark, then RIGHT on Wackerly (caution, some GPS devises may send you left). TNT is 1⁄2 mile west on the right hand side.

Traveling via M-20: Take M-20 to Meridian Rd; turn left towards Sanford. Continue to light at Saginaw Rd; turn right. Continue about 3 miles to Wackerly Rd; turn left (only has left hand turn). TNT is 1⁄2 mile on the left hand side.

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If you go

  • Be prepared to experience a first-class agility facility — this facility is my personal favorite in Michigan. Everything seems to have been thought out carefully before it was implemented. Over time, the facility’s cleanliness has gone down a bit. It is still good, just lots of dog hair. And who doesn’t deal with that all the time at home anyway? Midland is very lucky to have this facility to both train and trial!
  • Workers are fed breakfast and lunch. Breakfast includes boiled eggs, fruit, cottage cheese, bagels, pastries, bananas, and sometimes a hot egg-type casserole. Lunch is usually a home-cooked casserole along with salads and sides. Home-made cookies or various baked goods also. Even if you don’t volunteer to work, you can still eat by adding a donation to the money jar.
  • This is one place where you might consider bringing water from home for yourself or your dogs if are not in the habit of doing that now. The water is extremely hard and has a hard taste to go along with it. Keep your pups happier and bring a few jugs of H2O along with you!


The smaller look of the building and no sign at the end of the drive means you could pass it the first time. When coming from the north, it is just after a building that processes wood; look for large piles of mulch.

There is generally ample parking on blacktop or on the grass, although the grassy areas can. The back parking area was blacktopped in the summer of 2022. This means there is room for all to park on black top if they wish. It also means RV parking is no longer on dirt. The facility’s drive is shared with several self-storage rental units. Provided none are blocked, parking around these buildings is permissible.

There are two buildings, one for agility and one for dock diving and canine water therapy. The blue one closest to the road is the agility building.


Trial Information

Agility Circuits: AKC, CPE, UKI

Date Last Visited: October 29, 2022

Recorder: Bev Mapes

Host Club(s):
* AKC:
Belgian Tervuren Club, Central Michigan Agility Club, Michigan Boxer Club, Mt Pleasant Michigan Kennel Club, Mid-Michigan Kennel Club, Northern Michigan Agility Club, Grand Traverse Kennel Club
* CPE: Leaps & Bounds K9 Agility Training, Labkat, TNT CPE

Entry Fees:
* AKC, 2022: $23 for first entry, $17 for each additional entry per dog/per day
* CPE: $14 per run, per day; Package prices for 1, 2 or 3 days are usually available

* Can vary with the host club and agility circuit.
* Rosettes for 1st through 4th place
* Dark green qualifying ribbon
* MACH, PACH, or PAX bar and rosette
* Large MACH-sized Rosette for MJ, MJP, MX, MXP
* Medallion for new title(s) earned
* Double Q Ribbon
* Large perfect weekend ribbon (CPE)
* Sometimes QQ, QQQ, QQQQ pins

Worker/Volunteer Incentives:
* Breakfast and lunch buffets
* Scribe, timer, and ring crew for equiupment change jobs are always performed designated workers. This leaves worker signups for the leash runner and bar setters only.

Insider Information:
* Two chain link fenced areas large enough for exercising
* A large TV records the trial and plays each run back with several minutes delay. Kitchen has a smaller TV that is live.
* Lodging built specifically for judge accommodations is on site, attached to the dock diving building.