Sanford Lake Bar & Grill, Sanford MI

Sanford Lake Bar & Grill buildingNot far from TNT in Midland is a local favorite eatery called Sanford Lake Bar & Grill. The food is a few notches up from traditional bar food as they offer dinners complete with baked potato and salad bar.

Rick Fleming opening entrance door to Sanford Lake Bar & Grill, Sanford, MIThe night before the April, 2017 agility trial at TNT, I was joined for dinner with agility peeps Jackie Fleming, her husband (and trial photographer) Rick Fleming, and Nancy Brissette. Some popular favorites here are the prime rib and lobster bisque, although we all opted for other dinners or pizza. Several of us visited the salad bar, which had traditional salad toppings, as well as side salads and a few desserts. Everything was tasty, service was excellent, and the environment surprisingly quiet enough to enjoy good conversation despite the crowd.

The decor was quite interesting with antiques hanging from the ceiling and covering every available space on the walls. Since I recognized some of the items from my earlier days, such as a black rotary dial phone and an gasoline pump with around light on top, I decided everything wasn’t an antique after all!

Road Sign for Sanford Lake Bar & Grill, Sanford, MIGetting to the Sanford Lake Bar & Grill from TNT is quite simple. Just hop on US 10 west, go a few miles and get off at Exit 114 for W River Road. Then turn right and just down the road is the sign for the grill. Turn right again and you are there!

I can see why this restaurant and bar is a local favorite, and recommend it when you are in the area.

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