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Facility Description

The facility is a simple aluminum sided arena building on the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds.  It is non-heated and non-cooled but does have a large industrial fan that blows air out while large doors in the back, front and sides are open from which to pull outside air in.

There are bleachers on each side with separate entry doors from the outside.

Crating & Potty Area

Crating is on dirt and is set up immediately upon entering the front large door. The agility arena is set up right after that.

The dog potty area is pretty much anywhere you see grass or a telephone pole.

Public Wi-Fi: No

Overall Cleanliness: Very good for fairground standards.

Defibrillator: No

Air Conditioning: No

Individual or Ceiling Fans: Yes

Heat: No

Restrooms: The restrooms are across the parking area. It is a flat surface to get there with gravel and/or tar.

Kitchen/club provided food: A few snacks, coffee and water are provided for workers.

Food Vendors: No food vendors on premises.

Standard trial schedule:
4-day trial over Memorial day
5-day trial in October