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Facility Description

One of the nicer outdoor trial locations in Michigan. On several acres, the 2 rings and land around them (except parking lot) is completely fenced for dog security along this 55 mph highway.

Crating & Potty Area

Although the trial takes place outdoors, there is an air conditioned building for crating, restrooms and lunch. Crating filled up quite a bit, but was adequate for the trial.

There was plenty of room for dogs to potty, on all sides of the building and several sides of the ring. Pick up bags and buckets were placed at strategic locations.

Public Wi-Fi: No

Overall Cleanliness: Very good.

Defibrillator: Unknown

Individual or Ceiling Fans: No

Restrooms: Clean, but only 2 stalls and 1 sink for women. Usually a line.

Kitchen/club provided food: Food was free for all participants on the days I was there and was served in the building’s kitchen. Lunch consisted of grilled Brats and hot dogs, with salad, pickles, chips, etc. Breakfast consisted of sweet rolls and coffee. There were some tables inside the lunch room for eating. Bottled water was outside in coolers, but they had beverages inside using disposable cups.

Food Vendors: None on site

Standard trial schedule: One trial per year, usually the third week in June.