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Facility Description

Outside of building- oriole-dtc-halethorpe-md

Photo courtesy of Oriole Dog Training Club

Oriole Dog Training Club moved into the 14,000 square ft. building in the fall of 2014. The agility arena uses 11,300 sq ft. of that space. In addition to agility training and trials, this active club uses the building for numerous other events including obedience, rally, flyball, seminars, judging clinics, Show-n-Go’s, and general rentals if it’s ever available!

Crating & Potty Area


  • Two rooms for crating – one open to the ring area and one with a viewing window to the ring
  • They permit crating in the hallway
  • Crating is also permitted along the left side of the ring – for quiet dogs only

Dog Potty Area

  • There is a bit of a walk to the dog potty area which can be over hot pavement. The club is working on a plan to roll out some type of matting to make it more comfortable for tender paws
  • You’ll need to do a little extra planning prior to your runs since it will take more time to relieve your dog

Public Wi-Fi: Yes – Free wi-fi!

Overall Cleanliness: Excellent

Defibrillator: Yes

Air Conditioning: Fully air-conditioned

Heat: Yes

Restrooms: There are five restrooms, one which is ADA.

Kitchen/club provided food: Bring your own lunch or plan to get take-out.

Practice opportunities: Yes