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agility ring at Turner Agri-Civic Center, Arcadia FL

  • The arena is divided up into two rings, set up to keep the traffic moving and prevent overcrowding.
  • The staging area for the standard ring is along one side of the arena (not the middle).
  • The jumpers ring staging area is along the other side of the arena.
  • There’s a walkway down the middle of the arena, between the two rings.
  • The ring gating is mesh fabric on two sides, while the other sides are solid walls made of wood at the bottom, and metal spaced bars above

Floor Description:
The floor is packed red clay. Other than the stain it can make, it’s a really nice running surface.

Ring Type: Indoors
No. of Rings: 2
Size of Ring(s): 105 x 78

Floor Type: Dirt (Packed red clay)

Viewing Area

Bleachers can be accessed by stairs or elevators, providing plenty of viewing space.


The equipment was purchased by the club from Max 200, Clip & Go, and MAD Agility.

Equipment Ownership: Club