Stoney Creek Orchards Agility Trial, Romeo, Michigan

Agility Ring, Stoney Creek Apple Orchard, Romeo, MI

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Outdoor trials are different every time one goes. Weather conditions being the biggest factor, but how things are set up plays a big part too. The CPE trial at Stoney Creek Orchards in Romeo, Michigan this past weekend was no exception. Weather was hot and muggy – unusually hot for this early in the year here in Michigan. The set up was really done right though for an outdoor trial, making it safe for dog and handler alike.


Game Time Training Center Agility Trial, Fairfield, Ohio


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Trialing at the Game Time Training Center in Fairfield, Ohio was a fun experience! The facility is in a “nicer” industrial area a few miles from the Interstate. It was clean and spacious, with soccer turf floors – a “kind” surface for dog and handler alike.