How to Find Agility Trials

Golden Retriever Finn finishing the weave poles at TNT Dog Center, Midland MI
The website lists the locations of where the trials are held, but not when they are held. That’s because so many other websites list that information, and it is extremely difficult to try to keep up with it all! Here is some information to help you find agility trials near you.

Finding AKC trials

  • Navigate to the link above
  • On the left, click on Companion Events, then click Agility
  • Click on the state(s) where you are looking for an agility trial
  • Add any other search options you like, then click Retrieve Events
Most trials run Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. There will be a separate listing for each day.
If you have questions about a particular trial, you can email either the trial chair or the trial secretary. Just click on the trial’s “View Complete Event Details” to find their name and email address.

Golden Retriever Cosmo jumping through the tire at TNT Dog Center, Midland, MIFinding CPE trials

  • Navigate to the link above
  • Find a city and state near you
  • Click on the diskette icon on the right side of the trial you’re interested in attending. This opens the “premium list” (what competitors fill out to enter a trial). It will have all the information you need to find the agility trial.

Finding Agility Trial in other Circuits

There are other agility venues too, such as USDAA, NADAC, UKI International, UKC, and more. Unfortunately, some of these require you to sign up to find out where the trials are held!

Additional Information About Visiting Agility Trials

Most Agility Trial Visits are Free

Most agility trials are free to the public, but there are some exceptions. When an agility trial is held at a large convention center and is in conjunction with a conformation show, there is often an entry fee per person, as well as a parking fee. Check with the trial chair to be certain.

A Solution to Dog Water Spills in Soft Crates

dog water bucket attached to strap on soft crate

We all love the portability of bringing soft crates to agility trials. However, one of the issues has always been keeping our dogs hydrated without having them spill water everywhere. Even “spill-proof” water bowls tend to get knocked over and then the bedding and everything under it gets wet.

close up view of nylon strap with clip sewed onto the side of a soft crate, holding the handle of a metal water bucketWhile at a trial this week at TNT in Midland, Michigan I noticed a handler attaching a stainless steel watering bucket with a handle in her soft crate. “How do you keep that from spilling?” I asked.

“I just bought a clip that had a nylon strap attached to it. Then I sewed it to the crate. It’s one of the simplest, best things I ever did to keep the water upright,” she said. “And I don’t even sew very well.”

I have to admit, this is a great idea! So in the spirit of sharing, I’m sharing it with everyone with a soft crate. There could be a run on those clips with nylon straps attached and several people trying to thread needles that are not the best at it, but it will pay off! The strap and clip are on my shopping list.