Greater Lafayette Kennel Club Agility Trial, W. Lafayette, IN

agility ring at greater lafayette kennel club

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What fun it was this weekend at the Tippecanoe & Rally Too CPE Agility Trial in W. Lafayette, Indiana. The CPE club sub-leased this facility from the Greater Lafayette Kennel Club (GLKC), an AKC club that leases the building from the county. In addition to the awesome judge and the unique floor, the people were wonderful too!

The building is cement block, with an attached annex for crating. While there is no air conditioning and the weekend I attended was a warm one, we made do with the numerous fans and large double doors to let in outside air.

The Agility Floor

The floor was a luxury I’ve never experienced: no-fill turf over mat. It felt a little spongy when walking on it. A big positive — other than it was great turf with no slippage — was that there were no little black pellets to get into my shoes. The floor is new this year, at a cost of $36,000 to the GLKC. After considerable research, they purchased the floor and had it installed right over the mat that was there before. Since the county wishes to re-purpose the building for another use several years from now, the club did not invest in air conditioning which would have had to stay there when they move. They can take the floor with them, wherever they go.

There is plenty of parking, potty areas, and many safety features to keep the dogs away from the 40 mph speed limit road close by. Always nice!

A Gem of a Campground

RV camping is not allowed on site, and the campground listed on the premium was full when I tried staying there. Doing a little research, I found Ross Camp, only 15 minutes away. A small campground, it had electric hookups on site, 2 fresh water outlets, and a waste dump. And get this, the bathrooms and showers were not only clean, but both air conditioned and heated! LOVED this campground!

The community of agility folks in this area are very friendly, and like many clubs, the officers for CPE often do double duty for the AKC club. This is a location we will keep an eye on to see where they live more “permanently,” and come visit them again when possible!

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