New directions

Until now, this blog has focused on agility trial locations and businesses near those locations, such as restaurants, hotels, and fun places for dogs. It generally runs a week behind when I’m on the road because adding things to the back end of the site take so much time. It also doesn’t really cover what I’m going through, which may or may not be of interest to you agility peeps, but nonetheless are part of the journey. The above image gives a clue.

I’d like to move into a direction where things are more current and truly cover my travels. As a result, some posts will start to take on a more personal nature. They will be shorter when that happens, and hopefully worth the read for you. All will be more current. The backend info will go up with I’m not on the road and have time to process all the images.

Please stay with me as this blog moves forward. If you know anything about me, perseverence is in my nature. This won’t be a website/blog that starts and then just dwindles down. At least if at all possible. Stay tuned for future, interesting posts. Please comment if you feel so inclined!!

Your agility friend,
– Bev

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