Some peace at last

Trees with lake behindLooking out the RV window this morning I felt a real sense of peace. To give you an idea of my gratitude, here’s a brief list of what I’ve gone through since leaving for the agility trial at IncrediPAWS in Pataskala, OH late last week:

Thursday, July 6

  • Drove from Grand Rapids Michigan to first overnight: Walmart parking lot in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.
  • There early so decided to go to the dog park. RV broke down on the way there. Had it towed after waiting 2 hours for a tow truck. Typical AAA experience for me.
  • Service center was closed. Slept in the RV at the service center (a decent area).

Friday, July 7

  • Called Uber to bring me to the trial at IncrediPAWS. Two Golden Retrievers and all my stuff. The driver got a nice tip.
  • Service center called and said it was a fuel pump but that they could not fix it because their bays were not high enough for the RV.
  • Had it towed again to a place that could fix it. AAA would not pay for the second tow bill of $225.
  • Asked new service center to keep it unlocked so I could get all my stuff out for the weekend including dog food and dishes, medications for me, clothes, everything. Wasn’t sure I could get there before the service place closed that night.
  • Rented a car and went to the RV to get my stuff. It was locked, the place was closed, and didn’t open until Monday morning.
  • Called a locksmith to break into my own vehicle.
  • Transferred stuff from the RV to the rental car in a thunderstorm.
  • Went to Red Roof Inn in Hebron, my home until the RV could be fixed on Monday. Heard it was safer than the one closer to the trial, but on the dirty side. Floor was not carpet (a good thing), but was only surface mopped and filthy.

Saturday, July 9

  • Realized some of my meds were still in the now-locked-again RV. Called the doctor to see if I could get a temporary supply. Answering service refused to call the doctor for my situation and hung up on me. Did without, very dangerously.

Monday, July 11

  • RV was fixed! Returned rental car and the nice folks at Enterprise Car Rental brought the dogs and I to go get it.
  • Fuel pump and assembly cost me over $1,000. They lowered some because of the locked RV situation.
  • Left the service place and gassed up RV in major thunderstorm, but it was almost out.
  • Drove back to hotel in torrential rain. Power was out when I arrived. Also window was leaking all over the room. Closed the curtain to keep the rain out.
  • Power came back on as I was debating whether to leave or not. All my stuff was still in the room and would not be fun to unload in that weather. Plus I wanted to use their wi-fi to upload pics for this blog in the morning.

Tuesday, July 12

  • Left the hotel for Winton Woods Campground in Cincinnati, Ohio. Planned to stay there for my work-cation before the weekend agility trial at Queen City Dog Training in Sharonville.
  • After driving a few miles, realized my gas tank was only half full. It had been siphoned overnight in Red Roof Inn’s parking lot.
  • Arrived at the campground in a thunderstorm. Holding tanks were full so emptied them at the dump station in between thunder claps.

Wednesday, July 13

  • Woke up to the beautiful view in the image above, taken from my RV spot at the campground.

Thank you God. You have my attention. You can stop blessing me with so many challenges to remind me to talk to you now! Or not. As always, it’s your call.

12 thoughts on “Some peace at last

  1. Wow, what an adventure! Glad you and the pups are safe and hope it gets better from here out! Gotta get dressed for work, talk more later! Hugs, Vicki

  2. Oh, my. Goodness, Bev. Sounds like you had a real nightmare. Hope all went well at the trials and that you got home safely. Yes, our loving Father certainly does know how to get our attention. Loving vibes being sent your way.

  3. Your account would be hilarious if it wasn’t so seriously expensive and inconvenient. You should be in for some good karma now for the rest of your trip.

  4. Oh my goodness. Thats unbelieveable! But to be able to come through all that and come out praising the Lord is comendable. Hope the worse is behind you and to look at that glorios sky it is.
    Here’s praying the rest of your days look as promising

    Fran Salvas

  5. Praise God that you made it thru the whole deal. Glad your and boys are OK. Good luck at the trials!

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