Chillin’ in the Tropics

Four-leaf-cloverLike much of the U.S. right now, it feels a bit tropical when one walks out the door. This is ever so prominent when one is at a campground. Grateful I have A/C and a good interior fan in my 21′ RV, I still complain since I have to go out and walk the dogs several times a day. Woe is me 😉

But seriously, it has been a nice break from my previous challenges, and the dogs and I feel much better. Got a lot of work done, met some nice people, and also relaxed. A campground neighbor even gave me not one, but two four-leaf-clovers! His name is Bill and his dog is an Aussie named Ahslohe. His clan from Kentucky camped and kayaked here a few nights, then left this morning in a torrential rain/thunderstorm. They all had tents too. Not fun.

dog dish used as rain gaugeTorrential is the true word. I emptied my dogs’ water dish last night because it had bugs and grass inside. Has to be 2 3/4 ” of rain in there. It rained another 1/4″ after the picture was taken, and has been thundering – but not raining – most of the afternoon. The consistent thunder part is strange, and parents are letting their kids ride bikes and play since it seems to be farther off. I’ve made several trips to the campground’s laundry room with no fear.

It is a shame to have to leave this place tomorrow since the weather is supposed to cool down for the weekend and I’ve enjoyed my stay here. But it is farther from the weekend agility trial than I wish to drive, especially when I need to unhook and hook up on both ends. Just met a fellow camper walking Corgi’s whose wife will be at the trial on Saturday. Small, wonderful world! See you at Queen City Marilyn!

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