POTC Agility Trial, Avanti’s Dome, Pekin IL

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There were no cramped quarters to be found at the POTC’s (Peoria Obedience Training Club’s) Agility trial held at Avanti’s Dome in Pekin, Illinois on June 9-11, 2017. The  75,000-square-foot inflatable dome, a 7,100-square-foot reception building, and four outdoor softball/baseball diamonds reside on a 33-acre plot.


TNT Dog Center, Midland, MI

Agility Ring taken from Mezzanine, TNT Dog Center, Midland MI

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TNT Dog Center in Midland, MI is my all-time favorite place to trial, although I have not visited every agility location yet so I’ll keep you posted. There’s magic in the air at that place. TNT’s owner, Lisa Lundahl, had the building specifically built for agility trials, along with spaces for both agility and obedience classes. Later, she added another building in back of the agility building for dock diving and canine water therapy. Although Midland Michigan Kennel club put on this trial, their isn’t much of a difference between other clubs sponsoring trials here, since the same staff usually run the trials. Same staff means familiarity, better organization, and continual improvement.


Greater Lafayette Kennel Club Agility Trial, W. Lafayette, IN

agility ring at greater lafayette kennel club

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What fun it was this weekend at the Tippecanoe & Rally Too CPE Agility Trial in W. Lafayette, Indiana. The CPE club sub-leased this facility from the Greater Lafayette Kennel Club (GLKC), an AKC club that leases the building from the county. In addition to the awesome judge and the unique floor, the people were wonderful too!


Kalamazoo Kennel Club Agility Trial, Kalamazoo, MI

Kalamazoo Kennel Club agility spectators under sun umbrellas

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If you love outdoor AKC trials, then the Kalamazoo Kennel Club trial in West Michigan is a good bet. The trial is held once a year the third weekend in June. It is usually in the mid to upper 80’s temperature wise and often humid. But don’t let that scare you. The club’s air-conditioned building – used for crating, food prep, facilities, and awards – is kept very cool on those hot days, a refreshing feeling when coming in from a run. The club also provides numerous umbrellas, and puts up canopy tents for even more shade.


Canine Sports Zone Agility Trial, Middleton, Wisconsin

Agility ring, Canine Sports Zone, Middleton, WI

Can you say great agility turf?  Wow, this facility beats all. My dogs and I enjoyed another fun weekend at the AKC agility trial put on by the Tree Towns Boxer Club, and held at the Canine Sports Zone in Middleton, WI.  While the premium indicated that the flooring was turf, all turf flooring is not alike when it comes to footing for both canine and handler. Here you’ll experience 2” of pro-turf, and there are huge barrels of pellets waiting to be added to the floor and maintain its great cushioning. And look, no white lines, circles, or anything else to distract your dog. There is quite a story behind its beginnings; fodder for another blog post!


Stoney Creek Orchards Agility Trial, Romeo, Michigan

Agility Ring, Stoney Creek Apple Orchard, Romeo, MI

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Outdoor trials are different every time one goes. Weather conditions being the biggest factor, but how things are set up plays a big part too. The CPE trial at Stoney Creek Orchards in Romeo, Michigan this past weekend was no exception. Weather was hot and muggy – unusually hot for this early in the year here in Michigan. The set up was really done right though for an outdoor trial, making it safe for dog and handler alike.


Game Time Training Center Agility Trial, Fairfield, Ohio


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Trialing at the Game Time Training Center in Fairfield, Ohio was a fun experience! The facility is in a “nicer” industrial area a few miles from the Interstate. It was clean and spacious, with soccer turf floors – a “kind” surface for dog and handler alike.